Vacant Staging

      There are many reasons to stage a vacant home:

  • Empty homes feel cold and barren - staging creates a lifestyle that the target buyer aspires and drawn to.
  • Every imperfection is showcased - staging emphasized the positive features while downplaying the negative ones.
  • Empty rooms looks smaller - staging showcases each space to its full potential, while maintaining functionality and appeal.
  • Confusing layout/usage - staging makes sense of every space to impress so the buyers do not have to guess.
  • Blending in - staging will set your property apart from the competition, which will result in higher traffic.
  • Expense - staging is an investment as studies show staged properties sell for 5-10% more and faster saving you carrying costs.


Prices depend on the number of rooms staged, the square footage and most importantly the style and layout of the house. We carry a large inventory of furniture and accessories; however at times we might employ furniture rental company as well.  Please contact us for more info. 

*Interested in learning how to stage your vacant property for free? Call us to find out how! 

Vacant New Construction Staging

New construction staging is our specialty. Our experience, sense of style and staying on trend allow us to showcase the special features  and spaces of a new-built home, while our real estate expertise enables us to create the emotional appeal for the target buyer. Please feel free to browse our portfolio for more examples of our work. 

Vacant Lived-In Staging

Staging, as the decorating and furnishing, DOES NOT sell every vacant property. Staging, as the process of presenting a property in its best light, DOES. Sometimes the drawbacks could not be "fixed" with dressing up an empty room. For example, wall paper, bold or dated wall colors, outdated light fixtures and maintenance issues need to be addressed first and foremost. Here is an example of a luxury property that was listed for over a year with no offers. After 4 significant price adjustments and 143 days on the market after the last price drop, the seller was obtaining quotes to stage (furnish and decorate). We were called for a consultation and our advice was to postpone the furnishing of the home, instead give the home a make over by taking down wallpaper and repainting in fresh and current colors as well as change the backsplash in the kitchen for an instant facelift and give the whole place a good deep cleaning. The work was completed and the property was reintroduced to the market the second week in November. We advised to stage (furnish) in January, should the property not sell during the holiday season. Result: 2 weeks later, the seller notified us of an accepted offer!